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Team Auto is your local Brisbane choice for a Mobile Pre-Purchase Car Inspection. We can carry out a Mobile Pre-Purchase Inspection in all Brisbane suburbs from Caboolture North-side to Springwood on Brisbane's Southside and anywhere in between!

Mobile Vehicle Getting a Car Inspection Having a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection will make buying a used car a much easier decision. We supply a comprehensive written Inspection Report and we spend the time to verbally explain any faults so you are well aware of the vehicles condition. We offer honest, unbiased advice on its condition. If you can't be present at the inspection we send the report, photos and follow up with a phone call.

We work for YOU - the buyer, not the seller! It may just save you from buying a "lemon".

Our "A Grade Mobile Mechanic" visually inspects the vehicles exterior, interior, under bonnet, driveline components, brakes, suspension, steering, paint thickness, tint darkness, air conditioning temperature and much much more. We carry out a full electronic computer scan on most vehicles. We carry "Dealer Plates" allowing us to road test any unregistered vehicles and if required we can do the Roadworthy Certificate at the same time.

We inspect vehicles at dealer car yards or private sales.

We operate a fast, efficient, and same day service where possible but best to book in early just in case.

Don’t take the risk and book a Mobile Vehicle Inspection now with Team Auto!

Mobile Pre-Purchase Car Inspection includes*:

Mobile car inspection

When buying a used vehicle a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection is very important but also a PPSR Check - Revs check should definitely be done less than 24 hours before the purchase. A good cheap option is the Australian Government PPSR web site.

PPSR Check

You can get more comprehensive reports for a lot more money but this one covers all the main items like:

* Our Pre-purchase inspection's are a "Visual Check-over" only. The inspection will be carried out in a limited time frame and performed to the best of our ability but we cannot predict any future faults that may occur. Team Auto offers NO guarantee’s, warranty or accepts any liability in any way or form on the purchase of any vehicles inspected. If purchased it is done so at the buyers risk entirely.

Free QLD Registration Status - CLICK HERE

Don't let your registration lapse. Check its status using the FREE link above. With the absence of registration stickers it is very easy to overlook. QLD Transport can now detect unregistered vehicles using fixed camera's around our roads and in their patrol cars. If you are caught you could receive up to a $800 fine and have to go through the process of re registering your vehicle including getting a new Roadworthy Certificate.


When buying a used vehicle as well as getting a Pre-Purchase Car Inspection, it is extremely important to also do a PPSR check. This will check its "Written off status", any "Encumbrances"(money owing) and whether it's ever been stolen. The above link costs about $2.00 and will tell you the basics that you need.

Vehicle Transfer Registration Form F3520 - CLICK HERE

Buying or selling a registered vehicle you will need to complete the above Transfer Registration form.

New Vehicle Registration Form F3518 - CLICK HERE

If you have an unregistered or out of state vehicle then to register it you will need to fill out the above form.

Online Vehicle Registration Transfer - CLICK HERE

Once you sell your vehicle you can transfer ownership online. The Online Transfer is a two part operation. The Seller completes the seller section then the buyer completes the buyer section below.

Transfer registration online as the SELLER
Transfer registration online as the BUYER

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